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Campione's Taste of Chicago

179 Hancock St., Suite 208, Gallatin TN, 37066, United States
(615) 206-6965 Menu

Cuisine: Italian

Price: $

Dress Code: casual

Parking: free, ample and out front

Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am to 8pm closed Sunday.

About Campione's Taste of Chicago

Italian Beef sammiches were invented in Chicago during the great depression of the 1930"s.  Taking the lean but tougher cut of top round steak, Italian immigrants in Chicago cooked the beef in lots of juice and spiced the gravy in the Italian way.  Then the meat is sliced ultra thin and piled on flakey Italian bread and garnished with sweet or hot peppers and lots of juich gravy.  Any Chicago native knows Italain Beef and will argue for his favorite place to get it.

For reasons unknown, Italian Beef sammiches never left Chicago. Go into any restaurant in any other place and ask for a Chicago Italina Beef sammich and you get a blank look.

My wife and I decided that Tennessee need to become the far South side of Chicago and learn about Italian Beef and other Chicago specialties.  We opened Campione's Taste of Chicago (named for my wife's grandmother) in 2008 and recession or not we are still introducing Chicago style eats to hungry Southern folks.

We also do a lot of cooking from scratch:  Sauce from our 5 generation old recipe, all beef meatballs made on site from the old family recipe and more.  We make our own chili and soup from scratch and never add salt to anything we make.  Our frys are famous ans are our cannolis and cheesecake.

You guys should give us a try, capiche?

Campione's Taste of Chicago's Chef

Mama Debbie does our cooking. She has decades of experience making sauce, meatballs and has a killer recipe for Italian beef gravy. She cooks just like home: no added salt, no fancy flourishes just straight up good food that says she made lunch or dinner just for you.

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